Family proceedings often cause much animosity between separating couples and families and it is therefore best wherever possible, to avoid contested court proceedings. Mediation involves both parties attempting to resolve issues for themselves and their families thus avoiding handing over control of their affairs to solicitors or a court. Mediators are not biased and have no power to impose decisions. A mediator's role is to reduce conflict by encouraging couples to explore all options with the overall aim of settlement. Mediation also encourages parties to focus on children's wishes, feelings and needs, encouraging parental co-operation wherever possible.

Most clients express great satisfaction with the mediation process and relief at having been able to reach agreement between themselves without having an Order imposed by the court. Mediation of course can often help parents work better together post separation having regard to the best interests of their children.

At R A Savage & Co we use a co-mediation model in many of our sessions which provides a gender balance and speedy resolution to many seemingly intractable disputes. We also offer, in cases where there is full agreement by both parties to the process, direct consultation with children. This can allow children to have an input to the process without feeling pressurised and isolated.

In all cases we tailor our services and costs according to our respective clients needs and instructions. With over 30 years combined experience in mediation we are used to working on complex matters inclusive of an international nature, overseas assets, pensions, multiple properties and debts.

At R A Savage & Co we actively encourage people to attempt to resolve their disputes using mediation at any stage of their divorce/separation and/or family dispute.